The Aqualog fish database (lexicon) is now in BETA testing stage. Behind the scenes we are still working on many improvements and the data is constantly revised. We are sorry if not all fish profiles are completely translated to English yet. However, there are already many detailed group profiles (selection below) and more than 3.000 species in the database.

In the future, we will update the database with new species, color variations and in the medium term sea water, amphibians and reptiles.

By clicking a categorie below you will jump to the group profile and all respective fish profiles of its subspecies. If you are looking for a certain species, you might as well use the search box on the right hand side.

African Mouthbrooding Cichlids

African mouthbrooding

Barbs, Rasboras, & Danios

Steckbrief: Barben


Steckbrief: Salmler




Steckbrief: Diskus

Freshwater Angelfishes

Steckbrief: Skalar

Freshwater Crayfishes

Steckbrief: Krebse

Freshwater Shrimps

Steckbrief: Süßwassergarnelen

Goldfishes & Koi

Steckbrief: Goldfische und Koi


Steckbrief Labyrinther

Livebearing Toothcarps

Steckbrief: Lebendgebärende Zahnkarpfen


Steckbrief Schmerlen

Mailed Catfishes

Steckbrief: Panzerwelse

Mussels & Snails

Steckbrief: Muscheln und Schnecken

Other Catfishes (excluding Mailed & Suckermouth)

Steckbrief: Welse ohne Saug- und Panzerwelse


Steckbrief: Regenbogenfische

South American Dwarf Cichlids

Steckbrief: Südamerikanische Zwergbuntbarsche

Suckermouth Catfishes

Steckbrief: Saugwelse

Other Species..