African Cichlids I Malawi Mbuna

Aqualog African Cichlids I Malawi Mbuna
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The main topic of this third AQUALOG pictorial lexicon on the cichlids of Africa is the genus Aulonocara.
These splendid fishes, known in English-speaking countries as Malawi Peacocks, are among the most magnificent and beautiful fishes in the world. Their glorious colours, their relatively peaceful nature, their small body size, and their interesting behaviour combine to make the members of this genus ideal aquarium fishes.
In African Cichlids III all the species of this genus known to science, as well as their numerous geographical variants plus species not yet scientifically described, are illustrated to a level of completeness never before achieved.
In addition, this volume also presents all the species and variants of the genera Alticorpus, Lethrinops, Taeniolethrinops, and Tramitichromis, as well as the variants of the species Astatotilapia calliptera that live in the Lake Malawi.