The Catfishes of Africa

Aqualog Die Welse Afrikas
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604 pp., 475 photos, 430 drawings, hardcover 

African catfishes are a particularly diverse group of fishes. However, only a few of them have gained a permanent place in the aquarium hobby, a major reason being that they are only inadequately known and have to date been imported only in limited  numbers. This book should at least alleviate the first of these problems and demonstrate just how varied and interesting African catfishes are. And perhaps then they will also be imported more frequently. This book is, as far as is known, the first to present an overview of the entire African catfish group, and many of the photos illustrate the species in question for the very first time. By no means all African catfishes are known to science either, while others may be known but are as yet undescribed. In addition it has only recently become apparent what interesting behaviour is displayed by numerous catfish species; and it was in fact aquarists who, for example, discovered the remarkable reproductive  behaviour of the cuckoo catfish and mouthbrooding in several other Tanganyika  catfishes. This is an area where serious aquarists have a role to play and can break new ground. And perhaps this book can be of assistance there too.