Welse Afrikas / Catfishes from Africa

Aqualog Welse Afrikas Catfishes from Africa
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ISBN: 9783936027648
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kart., A4 Format, 64 pp., more than 350 colour photos, softcover

In this book, almost all African Catfishes are shown on more than 380 excellent full colour pictures as well as their international code numbers. In the capture of every picture you find the scientific name, the name used in the international trade, the origin of the species, how big it can grow, and if it is regularly bred or collected in the wild.The other elementary informations that are needed for a successful keeping of the species in captivity (eg pH; hardness; prefered food items; solitary or schooling species; egg-scatterer or livebearer etc.) are described by using easuily understandable symbols. The introduction is written in German and English, the explanation of the symbols is in eight different languages. This book is the reprint of the former ”Photo-Collection 1”.