Aqualog NEWS No. 56

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  • Top Ten

  • Fish of the month
    -The cockatoo dwarf cichlid

  • The terrarium hobby
    -The Algerian fire salamder

  • Evergreens
    -Old-favourite danios

  • Travel tips for nature fans
    -The Khao Yai National Park

  • The marine aquarium hobby
    -Soft and leather corals (part2)

  • Photo supplements
    -The latest supplements for AQUALOG lexicons

    New imports
    -December 2003: Zambia

  • Aquatic plants
    -The Indian lotus

  • Culticated forms
    -New guppies from Singapore

  • Essay
    -Peter Hoffmann on the advantages of being a fish

  • Pet dealers in your neighbourhood
    -Adresses and telephone numbers