Salamanders and Newts of Europe, North Africa and Western Asia

Aqualog Salamander und Molche Europas Nordafrikas und Westasie
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160 pages, 750 color photos, hardcover,
41 distribution, GB/D

Portraying the tailed amphibians of Europe, North Africa and western Asia, this is the first volume of the TERRALOG series to be dedicated to a group of amphibians. Particular emphasis lies on the fire salamanders whose distribution range almost equals the region covered by this volume Other represantives of this polymorphic order of vertebrates, on the other hand, such as the cave salamanders or olms, inhabit only very small and very particular natural habitats. Over and above a representative photographic overview, this volume provides photographs of eggs, larvae and juveniles as well as isllustrations  of diffrent habitats. Forty-two distribution maps complement this photographic portrait. Each pctorial account is complemented by a symbol-based descriptive summary of the individual husbandry requirements of the respective species in human care. Containing more than 540 full-colour photographs, this volume is a valuable photographic reference for both the scientist and terrarium enthusiast that bears impressive testimony of the character and natural beauty of the portrayed newts and salamanders.