Top-imports September

Aseach monthwe present thetop 5fishimportssponsored byAquarium Glaser!

First Place
One of our growers had to reduce his investment, so we have the rare opportunity to present to offer some rainbow fish delicacies with locality in adult forms. Pseudomugil signifer from Gap Creek is one of them – beautiful animals, don’t you think?

Second Place

Themost popular of all dwarf shrimp is certainly Neocaridona heteropoda, but probably you have to relearn the name again, because it seems as if the name heteropoda davidi is a younger and therefore invalid synonym. But regardless of whether the animal is now N. heteropoda or N. davidi is, it still belongs to the dwarf shrimp scene.

Third Place

Again, we could import these attractive tetra from Venezuela. Currently 12 Bryconops species from Venezuela are described, but previously almost exclusively for conserved copies are known, so that our determination can only be provisional.

There are certainly very pretty fishes, and we expect that they will reach a maximum length of 6-7 cm, currently they are 4-5 cm long.

Fourth Place

From Venezuela, we could import these pretty tetras. It is undoubtedly a very close relative of Hyphessonbrycon metae from which it differs primarily by the broad stripes in the tail fin.

Fifth Place

FromTaiwan, we could import this beautiful Bachgrundel that bears the old name of the island as a species name(formerly known as Formosa Taiwan). The fishes are up to 8 cm long and should not be associated with small species because they consider quite small fish as food.


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