African Cichlids II Tanganyika 1 “TROPHEUS”

Aqualog African Cichlids II Tanganyika 1 TROPHEUS
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Author: P. Schupke
190 pages, hardcover

Lake Tanganyika is one of the most fascinating lakes in the world. The cichlids of Lake Tanganyika dominate the fish fauna, in number of species as well as in numbers of specimens. The species of the cichlid genus Tropheus are so specialized in feeding habits, that they are not able disperse beyond rocky areas. As a result the fish of this genus developed its own quite distinguishable colour variety for almost every single reef in the enormous lake. Because the display of colour is an important factor in the courtship behaviour of this fish, the different varieties developed beautiful colouration patterns.
For the first time ever, all known colour varieties, over 120 including the latest, never pictured varieties, are described and pictured. A study of over 10 year by the author Peter Schupke, resulted in a comprehensive book in which the latest scientific methods have been included.
For the aquarium hobbyist al needed information for successful care and breeding of these beautiful species are provided. With this book aquarium hobbyists and scientists will have a unique reference book which, as all Aqualog reference books, will stay up-to-date for many years with the well known Aqualog supplement system.
192 pages, approx. 450 colour photos and drawings