Turtles of the World Vol. 1

Aqualog Schildkröten der Welt Bd. 1 Turtles of the World Vol. 1
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2nd revised edition 2011, 152 pages, 560 color photos, 61 maps.

In close cooperation with the publisher Editions Chimaira the fist title of the new TERRALOG series: “Turtles of the world, Vol.1, Africa, Europe and West Asia” has become available jhust before Christmas 2002The setup of this new series is the same as known from the already famous AQUALOG Reference books: hard cover books in A4 size, 96 pages, with text in English and in German by Holger Vetter, about systematics of this group. Furthermore you will find an explanation of the symbols used in this book, which are specially designed for TERRALOG.