Turtles of the World Vol.4

Aqualog Schildkröten der Welt Bd. 4 Turtles of the World Vol. 4
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144 pages, 600 colour photos

This volume of TERRALOG is a portrayal of the chelonians of East and South Asia. Most members of the families Geoemydidae and Trionychidae inhabit the geographic range covered in this book – from Pakistan to Japan and from Russia to Indonesia. The diversity of the South and East Asian chelonian fauna is even more enriched by numerous forms that have meanwhile identified as hybrids. A great many of these forms are portrayed in a separate chapter. With a total of 600 color photographs and color distribution maps for all species, this volume of TERRALOG is a unique reference for everyone – from the hobbyist to the scientist. This makes it a fascinating photographic overview of the amazing diversity of East and South Asian turtles and tortoises.