Varanoid Lizards/Warane und Krustenechsen

Aqualog Varanoid Lizards Warane und Krustenechsen
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Hardcover,148 pages, 440 colour photographs

Monitors, beaded lizards and the monotypic family of the earless monitors, form the subject of this sixth volume of TERRALOG. The lizards portrayed in this volume exhibit an enormous extent of diversity as to colour patterns, body sizes, and inhabited natural habitats. Distributed from North and Central America, through Africa, to the Indo-Australian region, they are native to deserts, savannas, rainforests, and mangroves. Besides portraits of all valid species and subspecies, the present volume provides photographs of natural habitats, juveniles, and documents aspects of behaviour. Descriptive symbols summarize the basic captive requirements fpr each species. With approximately 460 colour photographs and distribution maps for all species, this volume of TERRALOG is a photographic synopsis for both scientists and hobbyists and provides a unique insight into the amazing diversity of Varanoid lizards.